The dry toilet can be built almost anywhere as long as it is at least 20 meters from a water course; check with planning department. Preliminary work is to lay down a hardcore base 3” thick and checked for level. A space for the liquid pipe will be needed.

Alternately the building can be positioned over a wheely bin or a hole in the ground that can be left for many weeks with no problem at all.

There is a fully fitted separating unit inside with, if needed, an extra seat to convert for two-year old children. It is suitable for anywhere that children are visiting, especially forest schools and wildlife sites; it can be used by adults but this model is only 5 feet high – with headroom inside. The overflow from the roof is directed under the floor and can be allowed to follow the urine into a soak-away or can be collected separately in a water butt and from there to a pond or bog garden. To save evaporation it is recommended to have some shade at the mid day position.