Little things mean a lot and one small way we can help the planet is to demonstrate a ‘back to nature’ system which could be one.

The 5′ version of Temple to Nature® is designed for children to build and use themselves. On top is a pond to attract birds, away from predators. It also incorporates a secret bird box that could have a camera fitted.

An adult version: 6′ can be made to order.

NEW Eco compost now for sale in approx. 20 Litre bags.

Collection of the waste material is from a recycled and lidded bucket in children’s toilets or from a bin underneath. The bin version [to order] only needs emptying once per year. All this depends on the number of users.

The most important facts are:

  • keep the waste dry and the unit well ventilated
  • the window grill is the air inlet and the pipe at the back of the outlet
  • it can save up to 50 litres of water per day

Children’s dry eco toilet, with adapter for 2-year-olds at extra cost.

Flatpack and only needs an Allen key headed screwdriver.

To ORDER the Eco Dry Toilet

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  • Saves valuable treated drinking water and helps lock up carbon.
  • Natural separation keeps the bacteria in a healthy state. The unit prevents the unnatural mix of faeces and urine from creating an unpleasant smell.
  • Loo fibre is the basis for soil replenishment. It contains biochar to absorb xenobiotics i.e. human pollutants and is created using 100% renewable natural material and is 100% recyclable.
  • Urine is collected and diluted and becomes a nitrogen fertiliser on its own to make grass greener.
  • Solids mixed with loo fibre and paper begins to break down to compost only when water is added. Once the biological breakdown has occurred after a few months the mix is ready to put back on the soil.

THIS MIX IS PERFECT FOR PLACING IN THE PLANTING PIT FOR A TREE, it helps them to be resistant to disease.

Loo Fibre is created using 100% renewable natural material and is 100% recyclable.
10 x 2-litre bags for £50 plus £8 postage & packing

Love Nature – Love This Loo – Waterless Eco Toilet
Coming soon: Instant under-seat bio fibre dispenser.